Children have unique healthcare needs.  Our hospitals are designed and built for kids.  Children need more nursing support, more monitoring, child-sized medical equipment, specialized medicines, and other services appropriate to their age and developmental status.    While it may be reasonable to expect an adult to stay still during a CT scan, the same can’t be said for a 3-year old child!

Children’s hospitals are safety-net providers, caring for all children regardless of their family’s income level.  For families with children facing serious or chronic illness, children’s hospitals are a lifeline. Our expertise in managing childhood leukemia or congenital heart disease, for example, cannot be found in hospitals without our comprehensive pediatric specialty services or specialized pediatric equipment.

South Carolina’s children’s hospitals are comprehensive regional pediatric care centers, providing a wide range of inpatient and outpatient services. Approximately 65% of the children receiving care from our regional care centers are covered by Medicaid, a publicly funded health insurance program.    Nationally, around half of the children treated by a children’s hospital are covered by Medicaid.

Children’s hospitals are focused on quality – and the future.   We strive continuously to improve quality through a variety of activities, including participation in Solutions for Patient Safety, a national collaboration of children’s hospitals dedicated to quality improvement.      We focus on the future through advocacy, research, and initiatives that transform the way we deliver care.

Learn more about our focus on the future:

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The South Carolina Children’s Hospital Collaborative is committed to improving the quality of services provided by its member hospitals and related healthcare providers. The four children’s hospitals in South Carolina represented by the Collaborative include: