It is no secret that healthcare for children is complex. Children need more nursing support, more monitoring, specialized equipment and medications appropriate for their age and size. Children’s hospitals are dedicated to providing children with just that — which is why they are so important.


Children’s hospitals are built to serve children with a wide range of complex, chronic and life-threatening illnesses. They provide that next-level care that other healthcare providers are simply unable to give.


Known as safety-net providers, children’s hospitals are equipped to help every child in need. More than half of the services provided by a children’s hospital are funded by Medicaid — a program that covers 40 percent of children’s healthcare nationally.


Children’s hospitals also provide much-needed support in the community by actively engaging in public prevention and wellness programs.


Through continuous research, children’s hospitals are making great strides in healthcare. The Bradshaw Institute for Community Child Health and Advocacy at Greenville Health and MUSC’s Charles P. Darby Children’s Research Institute are two such research initiatives dedicated to quality improvements in children’s health.




The South Carolina Children’s Hospital Collaborative is committed to improving the quality of services provided by its member hospitals and related healthcare providers. The four children’s hospitals in South Carolina represented by the Collaborative include: